The Story

***Warning  Spoilers below****

The First Meeting

Laura and Mike first met at Halloween in 2005. Laura had a friend at WPI she knew from  high school who was friends with Mike.  They met at the Halloween  party and from there they really hit it off.  Laura was dressed as Princess Moonfire and Mike was in a stunning Elvis costume.  They continued talking after the party on the phone every night and eventually Laura came up for a second visit where Mike cooked her a traditional Jewish dinner (well, sort of) and they began dating.  They continued dating through college and have yet to live in the same state.

The Engagement

On Halloween 2010 Mike and Laura dressed up as a contestant and the refree Mo from the Nickolodeon show GUTS. They went to a friend’s apartment in Boston for a party to celebrate one of their favorite nights of the year. Once everyone was in their costumes, Mike mysteriously disappeared. Laura’s friends told her that Mike was outside and that she should go see if everything was ok. It was quite a chilly night in late October, so Laura wasn’t too excited to go out in her referee t-shirt, but she did so she could find Mike and bring him back inside. Once Laura found Mike, he gave her a small box and told her to open it. While Laura expected to find something shiny inside, she instead found a small piece of paper, telling her to “look in the rock.” She looked over and saw that the radical rock was literally glowing from inside. Mike, still down on one knee, opened up the sculpture to reveal a ring strung on a strand of Christmas lights in the prop and “Marry me Laura” written on the inside. Laura was shocked, and naturally said yes! The happy couple went back inside, where everyone had champagne ready in order to celebrate.

The Next Day

One of the traditions in Laura’s family is to celebrate Halloween at a cemetery in Mystic, because her grandfather’s birthday was October 31st and he loved the holiday. Only a small number of people who would be there knew about Laura and Mike’s engagement the previous night. The whole family gathered, carried on with their yearly traditions, and then Laura’s mom told everyone that there was an announcement to be made. Mike went and got the “glowing piece of the radical rock” out of the car, and opened it to reveal the message inside, while Laura held up her left hand to show everyone the ring. The family toasted to Mike and Laura with champagne in the middle of a cemetery on Halloween, pouring a little onto the ground so that Laura’s grandfather could partake as well. It was a nontraditional engagement announcement, but it was perfect for Mike and Laura.

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The Glowing Piece of the Radical Rock


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