The Bride and Groom

Here’s a little background info on Laura and Mike!

Laura is a math teacher at West Side Middle School in Groton, Connecticut. She grew up in Mystic and went on to study at the University of Connecticut for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. In her spare time, Laura likes to run, read, do arts and crafts projects, and take pictures. One of Laura’s favorite memories of Mike is their first official date, when Mike cooked her an extensive Jewish meal because he thought it was a Jewish holiday. It turns out that it was just the weekly observance of Shabbat, but Laura thought it was a very sweet gesture on Mike’s part.

Mike is a patent examiner at the US Patent Office in Alexandria, Virginia. He grew up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine and studied Electrical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. He enjoys brewing his own beer and mead, running and hiking, and going out on adventures.  One of Mike’s favorite memories of Laura is from a spring break trip to Fort Lauderdale. While on a snorkeling cruise, Laura refused to get out of the water until the very last minute, taking as much time as she could to see all the different reefs and fish.

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