Is there a burning question you just need answered? Perhaps your query will be resolved below…

Q: Where are you registered?

A: After an exhausting process, we completed (sort of) registries at Macy’s and Target. As Mike described using the registry gun, “It’s all the work of shopping without actually getting anything to take home.” After going in to the store twice, we decided to do a lot of our registry online; therefore, several items are on-line only.

Q: Are you going on a honeymoon?

A: Yes! We are going on a 10 day vacation to Greece a few days after the wedding. Because neither of us have been on a cruise, we decided to do a tour of the country that is part hotel and part cruise. If you have been to Athens, where we will be staying the first few days of the trip, let us know! We are looking for advice on things to do there.

Q: Are there post-wedding plans?

A: After the wedding, we are planning to go out in downtown Mystic for a little while to celebrate. We are working on arranging transportation for this excursion…more info to come on that!

Q: What’s the food going to be like?

A: The wedding is being catered by Matthew’s Catering, based in Central Village, Connecticut. Dinner will be served in several stations, with something for everybody. Laura and Mike ended up choosing Matthew’s not only on taste, but on presentation as well–we think you’re in for a treat!

Q: Bar?

A: Open. Drink responsibly!

Q: Is there a rehearsal?

A: We have not worked out the details of the rehearsal yet, but the rehearsal dinner has been planned. It will be held at Daniel Packer Inne in Mystic on Friday, July 20th.

Q: Will transportation be provided from the hotel to the Branford House?

A: Yes there will be a school bus picking people at Hampton Inn at 3:25pm to take people to the wedding and several trips dropping people off later in the night.

Q: How do I get to Groton?

A: Driving is the easiest way to get to the Groton area; if you’re interested in carpooling, feel free to contact Mike or Laura and they can try to connect you with someone coming from the same direction. There are other options for getting to the area, as well. Amtrak trains stop in both New London and Mystic (and actually go right by Laura’s house, if you’re into the duck and roll method), and Greyhound bus stops in New London as well. If you are planning to fly, TF Green airport in Providence is the closest option, but Bradley (Hartford) and Logan (Boston) are also available. If you have questions about travel, please don’t hesitate to ask; Mike has become somewhat of an expert on finding travel to southeastern Connecticut!

Q: I have another question! What is the best way to contact you?

A: Feel free to leave a question in the comments section of the website, or go ahead and email Laura at laura.hainline@gmail.com or Mike at michael.irace@gmail.com.

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